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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 29, 2011 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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good morning, i'm garvin thomas, coming up on "today in the bay." a controversial memorial for a mass suicide gets unveiled today. san jose police investigate an overnight shooting. this as the city's rising murder rate stretches police thin. and beware of memorial day transportation changes, we'll have a breakdown of what you can expect on the bay bridge and bart. this is "today in the bay." bart .a.r.t. good sunday morning, everyone, hope you are enjoying the long memorial day weekend this year. thanks for joining us again, i'm
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garvin thomas, in for kris sanchez. he is rob mayeda and you probably want to know what he has to say about what today looks like and for maybe grilling out tomorrow. >> it looks better than yesterday. we were watching showers rolling through for the morning. right now clearing skies for most of the bay area, including oakland to san francisco. it's chilly this morning, 48 degrees in san francisco. the roads drying out after yesterday's showers. san jose, we've still got dark clouds to the east. we've been watching the scattered showers rolling down some of the east bay hilltops. speaking of showers, the deeblo bay. winds will pick up this morning and afternoon, and the's it's  going to be cool, upper 60s, low 70s. drier and breezy. our next system drops in late on memorial day. we'll let you know if it will be impacting your plans for tomorrow coming up in the full forecast. >> there's a weekend we call
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memorial the unofficial start of sum summer -- >> very unofficial this year. today, a controversial dedication will take place to commemorate the victims of the jonestown massacre. but it's attracting negative reaction from some friends and family. four granite plaques will be unveiled with a list of all 918 people who died in the tragedy back in 1978. some family members are upset that the cult leader, reverend jim jones' name is included. he of course is the mastermind behind the mass suicide. they tried to block the dedication. but a judge ruled last week it could proceed. now organizers of this memorial say they want to complete a complete historic picture of the tragic event. there was a false alarm in san francisco to let you know about. a suspicious package found at 18 th and castro streets in the city last night is safe according to police. officers blocked off a city block just before 10:00 to inspect the package, but reopened the block a short time
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later. they didn't find anything dangerous inside. this morning, san jose police have their hands full. they're investigating a deadly overnight shooting in south san jose, the city's 22nd homicide. it happened near amler way near hellyer county park near 10:30 last night. emergency responders perform ed cpr on a 35-year-old woman. she had been shot in the driver's seat of a car. a short time later, police say a man arrived at santa clara medical center with gunshot wounds. investigators are trying to figure out if the two shootings are connected. the rising murder rate in san jose is placing a strain on local neighborhoods and the police department. just yesterday, an 18-year-old man was stabbed to death making him the city's 21st homicide victim, more than all of last year's total. a man was fatally shot a few blocks away a few days before. the increase in violent crime is raising concerns for the guardian angels, a group of organized volunteers who perform safety patrols. it hopes to reestablish the
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south bay chapter, which was dissolved. >> we're working on setting up a patrol up there. and recruiting, so that we can work with the community and the mayor, as well as the police and foremost, the police department. and covering areas where the police department is not able to because of budget cuts. >> the group also says it's time for san jose neighbors to step in and help with community policing. a 26-year-old nursing student is missing after taking a break from her night classes at kaiser hospital in hayward. police say michelle wong teeli never returned from her class break. investigators say they found her car several blocks away from the parking structureth and they say she had her cell phone with her when she walked out of class. but calls to the phone remain unanswered. friends say she planned to drive to reno to visit friends after class. mpbts drivers this memorial day weekend will want to think twice about drinking and driving.
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sheriffs deputies and employees are keeping a close eye out for drunk drivers in santa clara county alone on friday, deputies arrested 16 people on suspicion of driving undered influence of alcohol or drugs. last year, during the same time, officers arrested 22 people for d.u.i. another holiday traffic note. you may want to leave a bit early traveling between san francisco and the east bay. let's take a live look out at the bay bridge. caltran shut down three eastbound lanes on the bay bridge. and today in the bay's monty francis reports, all of it adds up to delays for people getting in and out of the city. >> caltran says drivers going into oakland from san francisco will see a noticeable change as elly as sunday morning. after crews are finished shifting all the eastbound lanes to the south. this caltran animation shows how the lanes will shift to make way for new lanes on the new eastern span, set to open in late 2013. >> we'll start with the number
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four and five lanes. the two that are furthest to the right and we'll be shifting them over. >> can tran spokesman bart nay says unlike the s-curve on the drij, which took some drivers by surprise and resulted in several accidents, he says the transition of these lanes on the bridge should be smooth. >> this one is actually an improvement. instead of pinching back in as you come off the brinch, you're going to be pretty much a straight shot and an easy curve as you head towards oakland. >> meanwhile, b.a.r.t. riders are also experiencing delays this weekend, as crews perform maintenance in the transbay too. that means that trains are running on one track through the tube, rather than two. riders traveling between san francisco and the east bay are told to expect 20-minute to 40-minute delays all weekend long. >> it's 20 minutes to pittsbuts to stay here. >> other riders say they didn't notice much of a difference. >> it's pretty normal.
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10 minutes, 15 minutes, so, no. normal wait. >> monty francis, "today in the bay." >> back to the bay bridge for a moment, the entire process should take about five or six hours, as long as last night's rain didn't keep crews from striping the lanes, can tran says it should be done by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. east bay communities and high schools are teaming up to help young people make it to college. the seventh an yufr 24-hour relay challenge is currently under way at cal state east bay. this is a live look at the event happening now. it's aimed at encouraging young people to be humanitarians and pursue college education after high school. teams of people run or walk a mile and hand off the batton to the next group. in a cycle that runs continuously for 24 hours. many as you see are in their pajamas, the event which started yesterday, will end a few hours from now. coming up, we'll take you to
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joplin, missouri where the search for mchsiis mng continues. plus, a major defense contractor fights off a cyberattack.
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taking another live look at the 24-hour relay challenge. taking place right now at cal state east bay. teams of walkers are making it through the day, just a couple more hours left. they'll for their run and walk this morning. san francisco continues to celebrate the memorial day weekend with this year's annual carnivale. a parade will kick things off at 9:30 along bryant and 24th street to mission and 17th. the main event will be held between harrison and 16th and 22nd streets. it's the largest celebration of latin and caribbean culture. san francisco giants mascot lucille will be one of the grand
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marshals, the event is free. if you're in the mood for soccer, san francisco is hosting the street soccer bay area tournament. to be held at university of san francisco. the tournament is part of a national organization, which uses skoerk to get homeless people off the streets and find jobs. bay area players will head to washington, d.c. in june to compete for this year's street soccer usa cup. local fire departments are reminding people to be careful when they grill during the memorial day weekend. the contra costa fire department says you should place your grill 15 feet from your home and at least 10 feet away from dry grass or brush. charcoal should be kept dry, since it can ignite by itself if it gets wet. store propane bottles away from living places and use a certified electrical starter. and instead of using lighter fluid. keep the valve open. never operate a grill on balconies and keep it away from kids and pets while hot.
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tips for runners and hikers this spring and summer, to avoid very ma venomous snakes. if you do get bitten, call 911, keep that area that was bitten below heart level and avoid moving that area. much more ahead on "today in the bay." a major defense contractor is hit by a cyberattack. and let's show you what's going on right now in san francisco. we've got clearing skies, the sunshine is back, but the winds will be kicking up this lmoaltet bol talk more abouthe t changes in your memorial day weekend forecast, when we come back.
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welcome back to the broadcast, everyone, 7:14, sunday morning, of memorial day
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weekend, 2011. we're looking outside at the bay bridge. it looks like things will be clearing up 250d, but look out for the wind, that's what rob is telling us. >> by the afternoon the winds will pick up and dry things out and continue to clear our skies. in oakland, we're at 50 degrees. the win has changed direction, out of the north at 5. into san francisco, west wind at 6 miles per hour. 50 degrees. and into san jose, still gloomy skies to the east. lingering showers around some of the hilltops to the south bay. to the diablo range. seeing the winds at five to 10 miles per hour. notice the winds already in the north bay. starting to pick up out of the northwest, we'll continue to see this spreading across the bay area this afternoon. clearing and breezy for your sunday. now the slight chance of showers for the east bay hilltops and the south bay, we saw it this morning approaching the sunol grade. now things are starting to dry out. as the winds take hold this afternoon, this will give us more sunshine today. unlike the chilly raindrops we
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saw flying yesterday afternoon. let's show you the chilly pattern in place, it will be a new month, but the same weather, even as we get june started. for memorial day, we'll see increasing clouds during the afternoon tomorrow. showers likely arriving in the north bay as the sun sets. heading into tuesday morning, another cold area of low pressure drops down the coast. this will take us into june with another chance of showers, tuesday into wednesday. and air this cold, we're talking about more snow for the sierra, maybe as low as 5,000 feet for the middle of the week. hour by hour, things starting to clear out as the winds pick up, 15 to 30 miles per hour. higher gusts in the hilltops. into memorial day, notice what happens, clouds increase during the afternoon. it looks like showers will hold off until tuesday morning's commute. there you see it especially for the north bay as we roll into tuesday with a chance of showers for the middle part of the week. today's highs with the sunshine, it's going to be running cool. mostly upper 60s to low 70s. warmest locations will be around santa rosa this afternoon and your seven-day forecast will show you the first days of june,
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highs only in the mid 60s with some showers and still staying cool. even into next weekend as well. garvin? >> rob, thank you very much. president barack obama will visit joplin, missouri, today as the search for the missing continues. the national weather service now says 2011 is the deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950, largely because of the tornado that hit joplin last sunday. families are searching through what's left of their lives for any keepsake or memory. 139 people are confirmed dead in joplin and nearly 100 people are missing. president obama will visit with tornado survivors and attend a memorial service. lockheed martin said it thwarted hackers from accessing sensitive data during a recent attack. the defense contractors said attackers launched a serious attack on its searchers. the department of homeland security and pentagon confirms that hackers tried to gain access to the information on may 21st, but were blocked.
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they're not releasing any information about possible suspects or the nature of the attack. talk a little politics now. so far the list of republican candidates for the 2012 presidential nomination is ee e eerily similar to that of 2008. does the party suffer from lack of depth, or is the second time around the charm? political analyst larry gerston joins us. >> think about it, mitt romney, newt gingrich. >> heard of him. >> ron paul -- >> heard of him. >> alng with rudy giuliani. sarah palin has been mention quite a bit, right? these are all people who we know very well from 2008. on the other hand, the new kid on the block is former minnesota governor, tim pawlenty. he's conservative, lives next door to iowa. very important for all of those trips back and forth, if you will. we're seeing something of that. and we're seeing something of michelle bachman. another person from minnesota, representative.
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here's the other one you want to watch for. you want to watch texas governor rick perry. the longest-serving governor in texas history. very, very popular with conservatives from texas. that's something to think about. >> we're still very early in the game obviously. anybody have an edge? a leg up on the rest of the kpet snigs. >> yeah. a couple of ways to look at this. first of all, always bear in mind someone like mitt romney. why mitt romney? he's got money, recognition, organization. that's a trifecta you've got to respect, okay? but he also has a lot of baggage from 2008. he's the one who came up with his own health care program, in massachusetts, eerily similar to what republicans call boem care and there's a bit of a flip-flop reputation he's got. for some people his religion, the mormon religion, is of concern. and you put those together, he's hardly a shoe-in. tim pawlenty, a fresh face, any time you get a fresh face the first time around, people look at it.
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he's got a lot of appeal to evangelicals. you want to bear that in mind. but rick perry is the new darling of the republican conservatives. he's really avoided the national stage up to this point. here's the deal with perry, is he going to be good enough for evangelicals who are the heart and soul of the activism. secondly, the knock on him is going to be immigration. because he's been what some people would call soft on immigration in a lot of conservative republicans don't like that. >> can mitt romney run for it with the good hair. >> oh, gosh, well some of us are jealous of that. >> okay. now obviously the statistics show beating an incumbent is tough. in any, in any race, including president. so does that factor into the decision of who runs and who doesn't run? and is that why we see a lot of these retreads sorry to use the phrase, from 2008, that if you really think you got a shot, well maybe you're going to wait four years. if 50s an up-and-comer. >> they'll all deny it. but incumbency is a big factor.
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there's no question about it. but we have to remember here, is that barack obama has anything but a lock on the second term. at least at this point. more than anything, americans vote with their wallets, garvin. we know this. particularly in presidential elections. a bad economy was more responsible for putting barack obama into office than anything else. and guess what, a bad economy can chase him out as well. here's something to remember -- 7%. why do i say 7%? because only one incumbent has been elected when unemployment was over 7% since world war ii. who was that? ronald reagan. and there aren't very many ronald reagans around in american history. >> dr. larry gerston, thank you very much for joing us this morning. you can check out what larry has to say on our website, the prop zero blog on much more ahead on "today in the bay." your game report on bay area baseball this weekend.
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>> good morning, i'm mike inouye, there's lots to do "today in the bay" if you're blowing through town this holiday weekend, which heading to san ramon. we're not talking art and wine this time, we're talking art and wind, today and tomorrow in central park, the air and wind festival will have kite-flying champions from around the world. artists and kite makers from china and hot air balloon launches as well. even a dedicated kid zone. and not just a zone, but an entire festival, the bay area kid fest 2011 continues today and tomorrow in downtown concord. just up 680. parents may learn a thing or two from the 100 different crafts and activities and exhibitses there. you can have your picture taken with the smurfs. parents, you might have to explain who these blue guys and the one blue gal are. voted 2010's best place to take your kids for fun, let me know if you think they deserve a repeat title for 2011. and if you do get tomorrow off, let's not forget why. it's memorial day. and as a salute to those who
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have sacrificed for america, the san francisco golden gate park band will perform at the iconic sprekles temple. the cool-looking stage in golden gate park. the concert is free, but our freedom was not.s t' that for t weekend and that's what's going on today in the bay. you have yourself a great one.
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look out over the sunol grade, as rob promised, the clouds are leaving and leaving us with some sunshine, at least for this sunday on memorial day weekend. now it may be a new season, but the san francisco giants continue to play their brand of torture baseball. giants pitcher jonathan sanchez got into early trouble yesterday against the milwaukee brewers. outfeeler carlos gomez hits this pitch down the right field line, but cody ross has problems getting to the ball. gomez comes around the bases for an inside-the-park home run. and that wasn't even the most
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exciting play of the game. sanchez would settle down, allowing two runs and striking out eight in seven innings. fast forward to the bottom of the ninth. the brewers execute a suicide squeeze play to win the game. giants lose 3-2. the giants play the brewers again this morning at 11:00. the a's go up against the baltimore orioles this afternoon. they beat the orioles last night. josh willingham singles to center to give the a's a one run lead. cocoa crisp comes up big for the a's in the six with a base hit to center field. got-ahead run comes into score and the a's hold on to beat the orioles by a final score of 4-2. now, if you're looking for a house on the peninsula, we know a place where you can grab one for under $100,000. really. but here's the catch -- these are children's play houses. contractors donate their time and money and the nonprofit called rebuilding together peninsula auctions them off. believe it or not, they sell
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anywhere from $10,000, to $8 0,000. 100% of the money goes to help low-income families, schools and community centers on the peninsula. the auction is saturday at stanford shopping center, go to the rebuilding together peninsula website for more information. rob is here with another quick peek outside. and a peek at our seven-day. >> you mentioned it around sunol, we've got the clearing skies now, but still i'll call it a modest instability across the east bay and south bay hilltops, until the northwest winds take hold. may see a pop-up shower. probably what we're talking is south of mount diablo and south of mount hamilton. so through 8:00, 9:00, it's chilly, mid 40s. it will take some time to warm up, even with the sunshine we have. around lunch time. notice the winds picking up. northwest winds, 10 to 30 miles per hour. hilltops could get gusts close to 40 and high temperatures, upper 60s to low 70s. that's relatively warm compared to the seven-day forecast.
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memorial day plans should be fine as well. we'll see increasing clouds tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday, more showers, starting off june in the low to mid 60s and snow in the sierra. >> whatever you do this weekend, remember what memorial day is all about, thank those who have served and thank you for making us part of your morning.
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